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Our residents with Assistant Manager, Laura Ruby in the middle
Our residents with Assistant Manager, Laura Ruby in the middle

In 1959 the Rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, The Reverend George F. Packard, challenged the members of the Vestry with the responsibility of discovering in what ways St. Mary’s Church could better serve the community. Many meetings later, after much discussion, the Vestry appointed a committee of three, the Rector, Mr. Melvin Schafer and Mr. Eugene Santhin, to follow up the conclusion of the Vestry that the Church might assist the large number of elderly people in our congregation and community. This committee spent long hours and much travel investigating various ways the directive of the Vestry might be carried out. Two years later, as a result of a meeting held in the Pratt library, our present program developed. The Rector and Mr. Santhin attended this meeting, and there contact was made with the Gunther Associates who were to be our guide in continuing the program.

A tight-knit community resides at St. Mary's Roland View Towers
A tight-knit community resides at St. Mary’s Roland View Towers

It was decided to utilize our splendid location and property in order that first-class housing could be built for the person over sixty-two with limited income. Our program to provide a ”Way of Living” began at this time.

One year later on December 1, 1962 a loan agreement was signed with the Federal Government whereby funds would be made available on a loan basis to construct such an apartment house. In June of 1963 a contract was signed with John K. Ruff, Inc. contractors and the building was completed December 1, 1964.

To carry out the program for our residents a Clergyman, The Reverend H. Kearney Jones, was called by the Rector in July 1964 to be his assistant at St. Mary’s Church and at the same time he was engaged by the Board of Trustees to be manager of the Towers.

It was with much joy and happiness in the knowledge that something successful was created for the elderly citizen of our community. The Towers was dedicated on Saturday, December 5, 1964. The Bishop of Maryland blessed the residence of 149 fully-assigned apartments.

Upon the dissolution of the St. Mary’s church the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland requested and received relief of corporate responsibility. Amendments to the corporate by-laws that effected that relief were approved on May 4, 2000.

St. Mary’s Roland View Towers remains a Christian ministry to the elderly of the community.